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pine mural vertical stain

pine panel stony glazes
pine mural vertical pinebit

Traditional mottled finish
Stony matte glazes .(Left Tree)
Stony matte glazes.(Right tree)
 Vitreous Glazes
 Details, Stony Matte Glazes
Above: Vertical Pine Mural , (4 tiles), 32" X 8".  $320 .   Left and Right  facing tiles available.

Below: Horizontal Pine Mural,  9" X 48"  (4 tiles ) $400 .   36" wide, $300.   24" wide, $200.   12" wide, $100.
A variety of glazes, color combinations & finishes are available. Each mural is unique. Scroll down page for a description of finishes

Pine mural horizontal buff with poly glz.stnpine
above : overglazed stain  finish

pine mural horizontal gold sky                        
above left vitreous glazes:                           above right  stony matte glazes
6" Pinecone            3" ( vitreous glazes)           2.5 (traditional finish)                  Pine Dots 1/5
Pine Trim 2" X 6"(Vitreous glaze)
Palms  16 X 8    (Traditional finish)
Dudlea 6"           Leaf dot 2"

Scenic  Tiles come in four different finishes
stain/engobe finish
1. Stain/Engobe Finish. Fired on ceramic stains bring out the textures and highlight the contrast and surface quality of these relief tiles. a stained tile can be monochromatic. where a dark iron stain is generally applied to a lighter color clay , or a stained tile can be polychromatic, where colors are applied to the tile then a darker stain rubbed in to bring out contrast. Stained tiles have a dry to matte and are fired on .

overglaze stain/engobe finish2. Overglazed Stain/Engobe Finish: an overglaze is applied to the stained tiles. this imparts a satin to light gloss finish to the surface of the tile. the colors will generally appear more vibrant due to the overglaze. overglazed tiles will be more suitable for  some exterior use..

pinebit3. Stony Matte Glazed Finish. The stony matte glazes are lovely, dappled glazes which impart a subtle yet intriguing surface to these tiles.  These tiles almost have an impressionist look to them. the stony glazes are durable yet because of their matte qualities, are best suited to interior use.

variegated glaze surface4.  Vitreous, Variegated Glazed surface.  these glazes are generally variegated and matte to satin in nature but  have more of a vitreous enamel like surface than the stony glazes. they are more suitable for exterior applications. Pine Murals are available in any finish. If not in stock, allow  6-12 weeks for completion. Inquire about finishes and lead time.