Stephani Stephenson
Sculpture and Vessels
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29" X 13". Pit fired terra cotta
"Spanish Mission" 
19" X 5". Soda , then sawdust fired.
"Canyon Pot" 
22" X 15". Pit fired terra Cotta

21" X 8". Ceramic,engobe
"A Visit to Casa Mila" 
14" X 5". Textural glazes
"Hestia Pot" 
15" X 8". Pit fired earthenware



16" X 13" . Ceramic stains and engobes
ki-osk 33" high
"Canyon Form" 42" X 18"


Pieces displayed on this page may not be currently for sale. Stephenson does custom and commissioned sculpture as well, and is a capable and versatile in many styles. For further information about Stephani Stephenson or her work:      email: [email protected]