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The first group of fireplaces are done in the traditional Batchelder/Claycraft style mottled finish, using fired ceramic stains and engobes. The color of the clay itself is evident. The muted, mottled earth tones  complement other materials.


Original Batchelder center tile, keystone,candle holder tiles and upper mantel shelf. other tile and trim by Stephani Stephenson,Revival Tileworks. Front view. Fireplace. Traditional finish .Carpenteria, CA.
Batchelder/early CA style surround
Batchelder /Early CA style fireplace surround. shown prior to installation.
Revival Tileworks.
Batchelder reproduction fireplace. original and reproduced components. .Paul Walker/San Diego Fireplaces
recreated Claycraft fireplace
Above; recreated CLAYCRAFT fireplace. the center scenic tile and a few of the decos are original. the field tile, corbels, trim and some small decos are by S.Stephenson, Revival Tileworks .locat. Below, Neilson home, Spokane, WA. Fireplace, unglazed red terra cotta tile with green glazed scenic tile and 2 X 2..

400traditional finish components for a surround

Group 2: Stony Matte glazed fireplaces: These glazed tiles have a subtle ,variegated coloration. They look like they came from the earth itself.  the surface is somewhat pebbly rather than glossy. following is a layout. watch for more finished photos as installations are complete.
v Glazed tiles in a lighter color palette. fireplace in process of layout.

Group 3: Glazed Tile Surrounds: These vitreous  glazes feature more saturated color than the stony matte or traditional mottled finish.

corner fireplace multicolor glazed
Custom fireplace California Palette: Olive colors
   installation. Jim Crawford, Authentic fireplaces, San Diego.
a corner fireplace, varied colors..
crow fireplace
"Two Crows Fireplace" multicolor glazed tile.warm lighting Another view, Two Crows fireplace.

CLAYCRAFT replica Fireplace

layout : olive /avocado glazed tile with Two Crows relief tile

on site layout for a hearth. glazed tile, brown medley with some dark greens
brown glazed tile for fireplace project

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