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We work with customers to develop the best glaze and color combinations. Variation in color and surface is the hallmark of beautiful handmade tile.
We are testing and refining our glaze palette and will soon offer additional colors in matte and variegated glazes. Please contact us with questions about your project.
This page is under major renovation!!! July 2014 New glaze palette, Fall 2014

4.Glazes and Relief Tile

A fired-on stain or 'engobe' is applied to the clay tile. Thefinish is worked by hand before and after firing, has a mottled appearance and a smooth surface. "Traditional Finish " field tile is generally sold in color medleys,true to the original craftsman palette.
Earth tones: browns , rust and ochre predominate, with green and gray secondary colors . Sometimes included are accents of blue or periwinkle. The clay is usually a buff clay, with some red clay tiles included for variation.

Medleys may feature light, medium or dark tones , or subtle , moderate or dramatictonal contrasts depending on customer preferences .
This field tile complements Batchelderand CLAYCRAFT originals as well as other materials such as wood, stone, metal and slate.

The traditional finish is appropriate for indoor projects such as fireplaces, walls, back splashes ,etc. but is not recommended forhigh use floors, or countertops such as primary kitchen counters. Please consult us regarding outdoor installations,

Maize Acorn Burnt sienna Dun Sepia PineGreen Spruce Periwinkle
stain/engobe finish
PineGreenon Red clay Sageon Redclay Acorn on Red Clay Click here for
info on traditional
finish on relief tile

Saturated colors,variegated matte to complex satin gloss surfaces.
We can offer a number of beautiful brown mottled colors, and an exciting new green palette is coming in Fall 2014.
Watch for new colors in the next few months.

Golden  brown
Mission Brown
Saddle Brown
Dark Sepia
Black Buttercream

brick red
Canyon Rose
DarkTeal,Var SpanishMoss Dark,Var.

light blue. Midnight cobalt deep blue
Southwest Sky
Squash Dark Olive
Preliminary samples of some new Fall colors 2014 Preliminary samples of some new Fall colors 2014


stain/engobe finish 1.Stain/Engobe Finish. Fired on ceramic stains bring out thetextures and highlight the contrast and surface quality of these relieftiles. a stained tile can be monochromatic. where a dark iron stain isgenerally applied to a lighter color clay , or a stained tile can bepolychromatic, where colors are applied to the tile then a darker stainrubbed in to bring out contrast. Stained tiles have a dry tomattesurface and are often sealed or waxed after installation. the stains are fired on . overglaze stain/engobe finish 2.Overglazed Stain/Engobe Finish: an overglaze is applied tothe stained tiles, imparting a satin to light gloss finish to thesurface of the tile. the colors will generally appear more vibrant dueto the overglaze, details are still clear. overglazed tiles will bemore suitable for  someexterior use. CUSTOM.INQUIRE.
pinebit 3.Stony Matte Glazed Finish. The stony matte glazes are lovely,dappled glazes which impart a subtle yet intriguing surface to thesetiles.  These tiles almost have an impressionist look to them. thestony glazes are durable yet because of their matte surfaces, are bestsuited to interior use.CUSTOM. INQUIRE variegated glaze surface 4. Variegated Glazed surface.  these glazes are generally variegatedsatin matte to gloss in nature but  have more of a vitreous enamellike surface than the stony glazes. they are more suitable for exteriorapplications

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