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4. Glazes and Relief Tile

A note on Color Palettes: almost all of our projects are custom projects in that we come up with a special design and color combination  for each space after discussion with our customers and clients.  In other words , don't feel you need to decide..mix and match ...from the sample images below.  We are happy to  answer questions and  discuss your ideas and project. Our knowledge of the glazes and clay choices  can help guide your choices .
Note: Variation in color and surface is inherent in burned clay products! From firing to firing , batch to batch, and tile to tile. Though this may initially drive both the customer and the tilemaker  absolutely crazy, it is important to remember that this is part of the inherent beauty of it all! Also note that these photos cannot truly reflect the color and tactile nature of the glazes.

A  fired-on stain or 'engobe' is applied to the clay tile. The finish is worked by hand , has a mottled appearance and is smooth to the touch.  

"Traditional Finish " field tile is  sold by the square foot , generally in color medleys selected specifically for each project. 
Earth tones: browns and  ochre's predominate with greens and grays as secondary colors . Sometimes a few tiles in blue, periwinkle or reddish tones as accents, if desired.  This way the tilemaker can create a pleasing medley. appropriate  for each project. A medley may be made  with  buff clay tile ,
Field tile medleys coordinate beautifully with  out Batchelder and CLAYCRAFT decorative reproduced clay, or a mixture.  Medleys may consist of  light, medium or dark tones and  with subtle , moderate or dramatic tonal contrasts as well.  THis field tile complements  Batchelder and CLAYCRAFT original or reproduction tile as  well as with other materials such as wood, stone, metal and slate.

The traditional finish is appropriate for  indoor projects such as fireplaces, walls , backsplashes ,etc. but is not recommended for high use floors, or countertops such as primary kitchen counters. This tile is also appropriate for some outdoor  projects .

Maize Acorn Burnt sienna Dun Sepia Pine Green Spruce Periwinkle
stain/engobe finish
Pine Green on Red clay Sage on Red clay Acorn  on Red Clay Click here for
info on traditional
finish on relief tile

Stony Matte Glazes:   These are fired on glazes which have a smooth to pebbly  matte surface. They have a beautifully  mottled and variegated  quality.  there is a good deal of  tone variation and color disbursement from tile  to tile.

Peat brown Sand
Iron Brown
Meadow Green
Copper Green

Dk. Forest green

Mixed Browns and Greens
Iron Browns Copper Green
and Sand

Vitreous Glazes: Rich saturated colors, these are glazed tiles with variegated satin to satin gloss surfaces.  these glazes work beautifully with rich wood interiors or with projects needing a bit more saturated color.

Golden  brown
Mission Brown
Saddle Brown
Cedar Brown
Dark Sepia
Sage Green
Nouveau Green
Buckskin: variegated
Rustic Dark Brown,Variegated
Emerald Green,
Dark Teal,Var Spanish Moss Dark,Var.

Med. Warm  Blue: Var. Midnight Blue :Var Blueberry: Var.

Squash Green Olive


stain/engobe finish 1. Stain/Engobe Finish. Fired on ceramic stains bring out the textures and highlight the contrast and surface quality of these relief tiles. a stained tile can be monochromatic. where a dark iron stain is generally applied to a lighter color clay , or a stained tile can be polychromatic, where colors are applied to the tile then a darker stain rubbed in to bring out contrast. Stained tiles have a dry  to matte surface . the stains are fired on . overglaze stain/engobe finish 2. Overglazed Stain/Engobe Finish: an overglaze is applied to the stained tiles, imparting a satin to light gloss finish to the surface of the tile. the colors will generally appear more vibrant due to the overglaze, details are still clear. overglazed tiles will be more suitable for  some exterior use..
pinebit 3. Stony Matte Glazed Finish. The stony matte glazes are lovely, dappled glazes which impart a subtle yet intriguing surface to these tiles.  These tiles almost have an impressionist look to them. the stony glazes are durable yet because of their matteness, are best suited to interior use. variegated glaze surface 4.  Variegated Glazed surface.  these glazes are generally variegated satin matte to gloss in nature but  have more of a vitreous enamel like surface than the stony glazes. they are more suitable for exterior applicati

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