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Batchelder/CLAYCRAFT/ Old California Pricing,  Ordering, Terms


Field Tile Dimensions
4X4 field tile is 3 3/4 to 3 7/8 " square.
6X6 tile is a 6" square
3X3 tile is approximately 2 3/4" - 2 7/8"square.
2 X 2 pillow tiles are 1 3/4" square. Two of them line up with one 4X4, including grout space.
1 X 1s are slightly larger than one inch. Three of them line up in the same space as one 4X4.

Also available : Contemporary 4 1/4 " X 4 1/4" size, thinner or thicker tile, Ashlar patterns with mixed sizes , Mural style pictorial field tile layouts.

Tile Equivalents and Spacing.

Determine the total square footage and number of tiles you will need:

Glazed Field Tile. Sizes are nominal
# per SF
Price per SF
1 X 1 Lg 81/SF
SM100 / SF
$ 120
2 X 2 36 per SF $ 99
3 X 3 16 per SF $ 88
4 X 4 9 per SF $ 63
6 X6 4 per SF $ 60
4.25 X 4.25 (contemporary size) 8 per SF $ 63

"Traditional Finish" Batchelder/CLAYART mottle
Buff or red clay. All sizes nominal(slightly smaller than stated size.) 

1 X 1 mottle 100 per SF $ 150
2 X 2 mottle 36 per sf  $ 126
3 X 3 mottle 16 per SF $ 108
4X 4 mottle; 9 per sf  $ 81

Batchelder and CLAYCRAFT Style

Glazed Field Tile

"Traditional Finish " field tile is made in the same manner as the original craftsman era Batchelder and Claycraft tile. This tile has a mottled pigmented kiln fired surface which is smooth to the touch but dry in appearance compared to a glazed tile. These tiles can be sealed and waxed just as the originals, or simply finished with the modern equivalent. The subtle tones and matte surface of these tiles beautifully complements wood , stone, and ceramic. These tiles are generally sold by the square foot in a 'medley' of color. A typical medley is made up primarily of earth tones: browns and  golden ochres predominate with greens and grays as secondary colors and sometimes a few tiles in blue, periwinkle or reddish tones as accents. Medleys may be done with subtle , moderate or dramatic tonal contrasts, and a light ,medium or dark palette may be requested. Colors and tones can be tailored to your project.
The traditional finish is appropriate for indoor projects such as fireplaces, walls , back-splashes ,etc. but is not recommended for high use floors, or countertops such as primary kitchen counters. This tile is also appropriate for some outdoor projects .
Revival Arts Studio has developed a unique palette of complex , vibrant glazes for our field and relief tile. These glazes have been developed over the past 20 years. Evoking the handmade beauty of the arts and crafts era , they also serve as a rich color and textural complement or focal point for any environment or project.
Most of our glazes have a variegated matte to semi gloss surface, often featuring subtle crystalline patterns. The glazes are durable enough for most household and exterior environments. We are in the process of revamping the glaze palette. In the next few months we will be unveiling new colors which will work well with todays contemporary environments. as well as mid century modern.