Crows, Ravens and  Mattybirds
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2 Birds 6 X 6 $50
Arts and Crafts style
Raven and Moon 6 X 9
Raven Tile.... 8 1/4 X 8 1/4...$75
L shown w/Tea Green Background, R...w/...Buttercream
2 Birds 4 X4 $ 30
Arts and Crafts style
Raven Tile
6 X 6 .. $35
Two Crows.... 8.25 X 20

Large Mattys. 36"
"Otis" 18" $400 Phineas
14" $400
Raven. Sculpture

Mattybirds are Stephani's creations, inspired by thework of the Martin Brothers. The Martin brothers were British ceramic artists of the late 19th and early 20th century. Their "wallybirds" were full of humour and life. The originals were salt fired and often used as tobacco jars.The small Mattybirds are first sculpted in clay. A piece mold is made for each model or edition. Clay slip is prepared and poured into the mold. Each piece is uniquely and individually finished and glazed by the artist. They are available as lidded jars, sculptures, fountain spitters, or 'bookend' tiles for mantels, entryways, anything your heart desires The Larger Mattybirds and birdbaths are built by hand. The sculptures are entirely one of a kind, and built by hand.Prices available on request.