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Phone  520-686-9451
POB 27 Saint David AZ 85630
By Appointment
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Your inquiries and business mean a great deal tous,but do allow a few days for us to return initial communication. RevivalTileworks is a small studio. We have a full studio schedule and thesamehands which type at the keyboard also carve the clay, pound the tileandfire the kilns ! 
I do my best to  answer each email andanswer generalinquiries and new requests  twice a week.
Revival Tileworks works on a project byproject basis. 
Because such a variety of finishes and items areoffered,each project is completed as ordered. Though some items are in stock,notall items are kept in stock in all colors at all times. 
Usually an order is started when a customerinquires by telephone,fax or email. 
After a request is placed we check stock and sendyou informationon 
availability , lead time,   and shipping
We also send you a price quote, includingshipping and CAsales tax if you are a CA resident.
Often there is a period of back and forthcommunication aswe discuss our products and your project. Revival Tileworks can assistwith design, and can provide layout drawings, some design services. Wehave access to traditional designs as well as the ability to create andcomplete original and commissioned work.
Please read terms. 
At this time we are not set up for chargecards,so payment is  via check, PAYPAL or money order made to 
'Stephani Stephenson" or 'RevivalTileworks". 

Once a quote and 'request for payment' is received,prepayment, or a 50% deposit on larger orders is required for wprk tocommence.

TERMS Orders under $600  and all in stock orders must be paidin fullat the time the order is placed. Payment is by check or moneyorder. 
Shipping  and handling  charges are paid by customer andadded to the price of items purchases. We will quote you a  price.Small orders  are usually shipped via FedEx Ground. Ingeneral, figure an additional 10% to cost of items, though this can vary,dependingon the size and weight of items ordered. Large orders may beshipped by  Fed Ex Ground or by truck. We can help you asses the best way,but shipping charges are the responsibility of the client. For largerorders,extra packing charges may apply.

On orders over $600 and on all custom orders, after a customerreceivesa quote a 50 % deposit is due, before work can proceed. 50 % balance isdue upon completion along with any applicable shipping and handlingcharges.

No material may be returned for credit without prior writtenauthorization.Materials authorized for return are subject to a 20% handling chargeplusfreight charges. No returns accepted after 30 days from pickup/deliverydate. No returns can be made on special order tile.

Normal completion time for an order is 6-10 weeks.  Ifitems canbe pulled from our in -stock inventory, the time will be shorter, 2-3weeks.If items are in production at the time of the order, time is needed forthe pieces to dry and  go through the glazing and firingschedule. 
Custom work may take longer, depending on the design and fabricationprocesses, size and complexity of order.

It is extremely important that the client order a sufficientquantityof tile to meet their needs. We advise that clients order extra tile ifthey are unsure about the exact square footage. Responsibility fororderingproper amount of tile, referred to as the 'take off', is theresponsibilityof client. We strongly encourage that clients work with onsiteprofessionalto help assess installation and material needs.
If add on orders are made at a  later date, we cannot guaranteeand are not responsible for an exact glaze match. Kiln and rawmaterialsvariations are an inherent part of the ceramic process. The same clays and glazes will vary batch to batch,  firing to firing.

We pack our tile very well , with plenty of padding and double boxing.
We can assure you that damages in transit are rare. We do everythingpossible to work with client if damage does occur . 
For delays, damages or loss in transit,  do communicate with us, even in situations where claims need to be  made directly to thetransportation company. 

Owing to the variation in shade, which is inherent in allburned clayproducts, any claims regarding color variation or possible defects inmaterialmust be made before installation work is started. No claims of thisnaturewill be considered after tiles are installed. 

All Prices are subject to change 
Prices do not include custom design, fabrication orglazing.  Call for quotes. 
Prices F.O.B Encinitas CA. 

Variation of color and texture is inherent in all tiles.All  samplesare submitted only as a guide for selection. Tile  furnished in ashipment may vary from such samples. 
In certain applications. Glazed tile may require a sealer. We recommendsealing unglazed and glazed tile with a penetrating sealant. Consultyourinstallation contractor. Our tile is fired to 2024 degrees. 
It may not be suitable for unprotected outdoor environments in northernclimates where freezing water collects and  severe freeze thawconditionsexist.