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The originals for this  series were  created by artist Stephani Stephenson.  She first models and carves originals in clay. Plaster molds are then taken from the originals, then tiles are hand pressed from the molds,  glazed, and fired.  These designs are derived from Batchelder , Claycraft  and Muresque  Relief Tile redesigns of the 1915-1930. These tiles look beautiful in a fireplace, set into a tiled, stucco, adobe or stone wall, or framed and hung as artwork.  They accurately reflect the feeling of the Early California tiles, which portrayed a romantic view of Early California life and architecture. Tiles are made in buff clay but can also be made in red clay, and are available in traditonal stain, stony matte and vitreous glazed finishes. 
You will find complementery designs on the Batchelder and Botanical pages as well!

From the kiln: lots of designs for your early California,
Mission, Craftsman, Spanish Revival or eclectic desires!
Grand Villa 13.5 X 5.5
$280. Polychrome
L: Traditional Finish R: polychrome glazed
based on a CLAYCRAFT design
Grand Villa Corbel  $300
15.5 X 5.5 polychrome
Traditional finish
based on a CLAYCRAFT design

Palms $ 160

Rancho  8 X 17. $350. Polychrome glaze
based on a CLAYCRAFT design
Rancho: traditional stain
Rancho 8" X  24" to  32"  
Oxen and Cart. 6 3/4 X 12 1/4. $ 250. Polychrome glaze
Saguaros 4X6 $40 -$50
shown unfired

Floral Frieze 28" X 4" $150
shown with field tile for context


8"  or 9" Quatrefoil  shown in stained finish. Batchelder Design

4" Quatrefoil 4"  $14 / $ 18
Batchelder Design
3" Quatrefoil $12/$16
Batchelder Design
8" or 9"  Quatrefoil shown in overglazed stain finish. Batchelder Design
hare 14 inches   
Hare 14". $120
After a Batchelder Design
Flowers in Pot 14" $ 120
After a Batchelder Design
Peacock In Tree 11" X 6"
L and R facing $55 / $75
shown  traditonal finish
Peacocks On Ground 9 X 12 $70/ $100
corbel/keystone leaf and vine

Side view :Leaf and Scroll Corbel  $60
 Leaf and Berry  Corbel  $60 Cornice molding: Vine Pattern 8 X 4 X 2 1/4" Vine Pattern  Molding: After a Batchelder Design
pinecone  2.5


 6" Pinecone, polychrome
  traditional stains , dark colors
 small or full 6".  $ $36 / $46
6" Pinecone
stony matte glaze Border
6" Pinecone, vitreous glazes
Pine Liner. 2.75 X 6
LL: 3" Pinecone tile, glazed.
LR: 1.5" Pinecone dot,trad finish

recessed floral dot
Various Glazes
Leaf Dots: shown in Tourmaline Variegated Glaze
Thistle dot L.
Ringed Flower Dot R.
Flower Petal dot

deco dot  TopL. batchelder style dot  top R
 leaf dot  Bottom, shown glazed and traditional finish



Mayanesque Sconce
Mayanesque Sink
Top: shown unglazed. Bottom: Detail of Rim. $600
Grand Villa  Sconce   $340 
Traditional  finish
Wall mount sconce 
One piece, wiring not included.
6X 6 X 4.5 $60

Traditional Stain Finish
Dry  but fired on surface.
Can be used alongside original or reproduction Claycraft or Batchelder style tile from the period, with it's mottled  pigmentation. firing temperature and penetrating sealant both work to make this  decorative tile quite durable and resistant . 
More information on Glazes and finishes



Polychrome Glaze
Different glazes are applied to the tile. Colors are more vibrant  and opaque. Variegated, mottled and textural glazes provide a vitrified , durable , pleasing glazed surface.
Can be combined with glazed field tile and trim.
More information on Glazes and finishes

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