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Feature article: University of Oregon
School of Architecture & Allied Arts Journal. Summer 2013
" Clay, architecture, and sculpture meld
at Revival Tileworks"
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"Studio Scale Architectural Ceramics
w/ Stephani Stephenson"

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recent projects
Spanish/Mission Revival Sconces: Glazed or Traditional finish
may be adapted for electric or candle use.

"Moon Raven" Tile: 6" X 9". $60 Raven Tile: 8 X 8 . $75
Black, Perrywinkle Blue, Teahouse Green
Raven relief tile.$75
Vitreous glazes: Buttercream background
"Saguaro" Tile: 6 X 4"
'Chiricahuas' Tile
4 X 8 glazed $40
"Oxen and Cart" Tile:
Claycraft Reproduction 12 1/4" X 6 3/4"
shown in traditional finish. $250

Following are some finished projects .Please refer to the portfolios on the left for more.
2 crows fireplace, glazed tile
Stair Risers: Eclectic Mission Craftsman Glazed Relief Mural Fountain.
'Two Crows' Fireplace. Vitreous glazes

Batchelder style fireplace, with original and Revival Arts Studio components.
Batchelder Style Fireplace.

California counter

tiled skylight corner fireplace, glazed
California Counter. Custom Tiled skylight Corner Fireplace. Glazed Tile
kitchen tile
Kitchen Wainscotting Custom Mattybirds, 33" tall
Don Quixote tile, 32" X 8"
Traditional finish
Pine panel
stony matte glazes
Art Deco, Kimo motif
36" glazed

elcome to Revival Arts Studio. We specialize in relief tile, sculpture and architectural ceramics of historic and original design. Using traditional methods of the Arts and Crafts era studios, we strive for aesthetic quality and vitality and honor the inherent beauty of our materials. We continue to hone our skills in the design and execution of projects and in the working of clay. The organic and rustic beauty of this work will bring warmth and a quiet beauty to any setting.
ou may be seeking unique, handmade tile or sculpted relief work for a new project, restoring older work, or collecting. We can help with your project design as well as provide you with material for it's completion. In addition to our revival style projects we also do original , custom and commissioned work and have capability of undertaking projects beyond the scope of what you may see in these pages.

his website features the work of Stephani Stephenson.
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